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What is "Walk the Line"?

For customers looking to improve the quality output and efficiency of their production facilities, we are eager to offer you the chance for an Atlas Copco representative to come out to your facility and walk your line, looking for opportunities for intuitive upgrades and enhancements we can provide your facility.

When we send an Atlas Copco representative out to walk your line, rest assured knowing that your assembly expert has walked hundreds of assembly lines. They know what to look for and what they are doing. 

Atlas Copco can manage your entire repair cycle, whilst supporting our customers with preventive maintenance programs. Our maintenance solutions help customers optimize performance, decrease production downtime, whilst ensuring the right quality of your products.

Your strategic partner

At Atlas Copco, it’s important that our customers and distributors know that we are more than just a tool and assembly solution supplier. We’re on your side and on your team. The ‘Walk the Line’ program is one way we can prove this. As the world continues to transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, in which traditional manufacturing practices are becoming more and more reliant on the latest and most intuitive technology, we want to help your facility keep pace. More than that, though, Atlas Copco wants to assist your facility in becoming as proficient as it can be in all processes. 

The value of ‘Walk the Line’

The Atlas Copco expert will assess your systems, focusing on areas that would benefit from optimization or a system upgrade. After the walk-through, your representative will evaluate their results and investigate further to find solutions and opportunities for enhancements.

Following this, your Atlas Copco representative will come up with a comprehensive list of recommendations that will translate into a handful of benefits for your facility. Focusing on areas of concern such as ergonomics, facility safety, software, access issues, error-proofing, and much more, our assembly expert has all the tools to set your facility up for complete success. Increased productivity and quality output, reduced downtimes, and a reduction in the assembly process and life-cycle costs are all benefits your facility can expect and count on from Atlas Copco. 

Objectives and recommendations

Depending upon the objectives provided by you, we’ll scale our investigation and subsequent solutions to fit your demands. We can provide complex system investigations for the improvement of an entire facility, or a simple, quick analysis of one single aspect to your facility. It all depends on your needs. Our extensive knowledge in tightening processes and tools, material handling, software, and material removal and service set us apart from competitors. 

No other manufacturer can offer extensive knowledge, robust product portfolios, and global resources that we can. Further, we’re here for the long run. We will demonstrate the potential that your production facility has by using the suggested solutions. Our Service teams and Service Solution Center will be there at installation, ensuring that your new and improved systems are fully operational and ready to go. They are there for maintenance too, meaning that if an issue or concern ever arises, we’ll be at your facility as soon as possible to work things out. 

To learn more about our ‘Walk the Line’ program or to set up a ‘Walk the Line’ appointment, contact us today.

Register today

Register for our upcoming webinar, The Advantages of Walk the Line, offered live on July 15th, 2020.  This webinar is led by Adam Bigelow, Product Marketing Manager. An on-demand version of the webinar will be available immediately following the conclusion of the webinar, here

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