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Discover Atlas Copco's 4 software programs for your tools today.

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At Atlas Copco, we understand many operations of today rely on not just hardware alone, but also dynamic, smart software as well. In our larger vision of bringing smart, connected solutions to Industry 4.0, software plays a crucial role. 

This is why we're proud to showcase our 4 main software systems:

  • ToolsNet 8
  • SQS (Scalable Quality Solutions) 3
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Supervisor
  • ToolsTalk 2

Discover more about each by continuing down the page. 

tools talk 2 software

ToolsNet 8

The complete assembly process improvement tool

Increase productivity: TN8 gives you the capability to monitor, document, analyze, and enhance the tightening process of your line. Maximize uptime and improve your line’s efficiency with automated notifications when trends occur, and automatically archived production results. All tool-related data and information is stored in one place for easy access. Full control of production line: Operators have the ability to extract information and test results whenever they want or need it. With an easy to use, customizable user interface, advanced filtering abilities make it simple to create personalized reports, search for columns, and add columns. Overlay and compare multiple traces, set reference traces, and analyze against other collected traces to reduce rework and bottlenecks. Improve production line quality: Improve the quality of your production with insights and overviews. Avoid recalls and reduce service costs with preventative maintenance, which identifies potential problems on the line before they can occur. Alert notices reduce downtime and increase reaction time while retroactive trace analyses reduce reworks. Discover ToolsNet 8 today.


Error proofing software for product assembly processes

Error detection at source: With the ability to detect an error at its very source, productivity and quality increases while costs decrease. For even more quality assurance, add pre-station checks. Operators are guided through the assembly process, leaving no room for error or oversight while reducing the need for training. Zero defects and reduced costs of rework, scrap or warranty claims are all possible with this error-proofing software. Scalability: You have the ability to scale this software to match your exact needs; use SQS3 for error-proofing a single assembly solution or an entire shop floor. Start small and scale up when you choose to. Invest in only what you need with add-on feature options that boost the productivity and quality of your assembly process. Connect up to 10 stations. Traceability: Error-proof the assembly process while maintaining full process control. Data collection along with part verification and documentation ensure the correct parts are being used for assembly every time. Access your collected data via web UI, where traceability of all assembly actions and missed tasks are visible. Trace the quality of your processes with aggregated data collection and review.

Discover SQS3 today.

QA Supervisor

The definitive Industry 4.0 quality management software

Reduced defects: Reduce defects on the line by programming devices and managing all types of quality checks. A simple, easy to use interface guides operators with visuals, decreasing the need for and time of training while simplifying the audit process. Monitor and define every single step of the plant structure and track route causes with this quality assurance software. Optimized overview and control: Be in complete control with plant structure management and production line modeling. This software can be accessed from any device with a web browser, so there’s no need for additional licenses. Changes on your line are highlighted and you have the ability to revert to previous configurations. A real-time quality dashboard and advanced statistical analyses give users full control of the quality processes. Complete quality reporting: Compare statistics and results of inspection types, turning collected data into valuable insight for your line. Data is stored in an easily accessible database. Track changes in tool characteristics, joint characteristics, and locations. Discover QA Supervisor today.

ToolsTalk 2

Taking line management to the next level

Improve productivity: Using ToolsTalk 2 (TT2), increase the productivity and efficiency of your line by programming all controllers on the line and their Virtual Stations from your computer. With a simple, user-friendly interface, the need for training is significantly reduced. Improve the uptime on your line with one-click software updates and the ability to copy a program across all stations or to roll-back to a previous state.

Complete traceability: TT2 gives users the ability to compare, extract and print changes between previous and new programs on the line. Access rights are customizable for every user, giving you clear information on who is changing what, where and when. A history of all tightening programs along with their changes is safely stored in the database. Increase the efficiency of your line by saving stack lights and controller configurations as templates.

Full line management: TT2 is tailored to fit the needs of your specific production line, meaning that operators can purchase and delegate additional features at any time through the embedded Functionality Management System. Organize controllers into a line structure that resembles the actual structure of your plant. Even while offline, users can create or edit Virtual Stations and programs. Up to 20 live traces can be overlaid for comparisons and real-time analysis.

Discover ToolsTalk 2 today.

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