Pulp & Paper

To maintain near continuous production schedules in the paper making industry you need highly reliable compression equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

That is why paper industry companies prefer oil free air compressors: compressed air quality does not only benefit production but your machinery as well.

100% Oil free compressors generate contamination free air that allows you to produce high quality paper.

Our 24/7 flexible rental service ensures your production is safe, both in planned and emergency shutdowns situations.

  • Instrument air
  • Cleaning air
  • Cooling air
  • Process air: contamination-free air for clean production and efficient maintenance
  • Waste water treatment
  • Electricity supply: portable power for planned and emergency situations

Keep your production standards high

Atlas Copco Rental - Pulp & Paper

We provide temporary rental solutions for production in the paper making industry:

Pure high-quality printing paper, hygiene products, baby diapers, tissue and towels and quality paper products of all kinds.

100% oil free compressed air is critical to:

  • Ensure cleanliness for high quality paper products
  • Quickly clean rollers, paper guides and handling equipment, thoroughly and cost-effectively

Lower your maintenance costs

Inadequate maintenance can cause lower compression efficiency, air leakage or pressure variability.

It can also lead to high operating temperatures, poor moisture control and excessive contamination.

This significantly impacts your production quality and energy consumption. That is why yearly shutdowns of a week or two are quite common for paper industry companies. But in many cases not all of your processes are down at the same time.

The rotating shutdown requires that compressed air utility is available 24/7.

Whether for short term or long term, for emergencies or planned contingencies, Atlas Copco Rental meets your specific needs.