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Intelligence working for you

Instant Insight | Remote Access | Anytime Intelligence

GENIUS Instant Insight™
Vacuum pumps are essential in technical manufacturing. Therefore, they need to be maintained in peak operation to provide efficient production. GENIUS Instant Insights™ ensures you can rely on continual pump performance.

Three frequent types of pump failure can be predicted in advance

Wearing parts causing machine downtime

Worn or damaged seals leading to interior corrosion

Gas or liquid in the pump resulting in contamination

Total inspection

The GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal provides you with the following information about your pumps’ operation:

GENIUS Instant Insights Total inspection

GENIUS Instant Insights™

The GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal is offered free of charge with 2 subscriptions upgrade options. Your economical investment assures you increased efficiency of your pump installation.

  • Service and machine conditions
  • Pump uptime and availability
  • Telemetry – trends and reports
  • Service and parts timetables
  • Alerts and warning messages
  • Personnel notification via SMS and/or e-mail
GENIUS instant Insight
24/7 SAFE ACCESS You can check into the GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal at any time wherever you are. All information about your pump installation is safely maintained in the GENIUS Instant Insights™ cloud. LESS CHANCE OF INTERRUPTED PRODUCTION Because the GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal immediately sends you alarms and informs you when service is necessary, you can make alternative plans so that production continues uninterrupted.


The GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal offers three levels

Contact your us for more information and benefits.

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