Electric Air Compressor Portfolio

✔ Full range of electric mobile compressors ✔ Variable speed driven and fixed speed technology ✔ Half the operational costs ✔ Up to 2000 hours service intervals ✔ 24/7 Service & Support ✔ Suitable for a wide range of applications

Electric Mobile Compressors

Ideal for sites and applications with a ready supply of power.  Connection to the grid? Then electric compressors will cut your operation costs in half!


 A full variable speed driven electric compressor range.
A full variable speed driven electric compressor range. High performance, small footprint and best in class efficiency

131-1100 cfm // 62-520 l/s // 3.7 -13.2 m3/min

Fixed speed electric driven compressors
Fixed speed electric driven compressors.

11.3 - 25 m³/min // 399 - 900 cfm // 10 bar // 150 psi

diesel versus electric mobile compressors

Should you upgrade from diesel to electric?

Why Atlas Copco's electric mobile compressors?

Versatile solutions

Withstand the elements

No emissions

We match industry specific demands with the right equipment including all necessary accessories for your application.

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Electric Air Compressor Portfolio

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