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11 kW VSD+ Screw Air Compressor

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11 kW VSD+ Screw Air Compressor – up to 69.7CFM

The GA 11 VSD+ is our 11 kW screw air compressor with VSD+, that’s variable speed drive PLUS delivering 50% average energy savings. The VSD+ technology closely matches the air demand but automatically adjusting the motor speed.

50% energy saving

50% average energy savings

The savings that can be had from this this energy efficient 11 kW screw compressor ads up, the total lifecycle cost saving is 37% over the life of the compressor. With its innovative vertical design the GA 11 VSD+ gives it a small footprint, saving you valuable floor space.

Innovative, efficient and reliable

The GA 11 VSD+ is innovative in design and functionality, more efficient than any other 11 kW screw compressor in our line-up. It comes loaded with IE4 IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor and is rated IP66, unlike many other screw compressor on the market that are only rated to IP55 as a standard. With its clever design the GA 11 VSD+ has fewer components, promoting low maintenance and increased uptime.

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