26 kW VSD+ Screw Air Compressor

GA 26 VSD+ is our most efficient 26 kW compressor

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26 kW VSD+ Screw Compressor up to 181.8 CFM

With its innovative vertical design the GA 26 VSD+ is the clever and energy efficient 26 kW screw compressor that deliver an average 50% energy saving, compared to traditional fixed speed screw air compressors.

Average of 50% energy saving

Average of 50% energy saving

The GA 26 VSD+ is our most innovative and advance 26 kW screw air compressor, the vertical design means it has a smaller footprint than other units. Developed in-house by Atlas Copco, this compressor feature iPM (Permanent Magnet) technology, has an IE4 efficiency level and is rated IP66 as standard compared to most other units on the market that is IP55 as standard.

VSD+ and Elektronikon Controller

This 26 kW screw compressor comes with VSD+, that is variable speed drive PLUS, giving your more energy efficiency and savings compared to standard VSD or fixed speed units. These are savings that will add up over the life time of the compressor. The GA 22 VSD+ comes with Atlas Copco’s Elektronikon controller, giving you full control over your compressed air.

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Realise your energy savings today, this is an investment that in many cases has a payback period as low as 12 months, sometimes even shorter (depending on applications and usage). Call us today on 1800 023 469 for a free quote and to learn more.

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