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Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

Solutions for on-site nitrogen and oxygen generation.

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On-site Nitrogen generation made easy

Atlas Copco offers a range of Nitrogen and Oxygen generators that give our customers access to a continuous supply of industrial gases. Our on-site generation systems ensure that our customers have access to high quality nitrogen or oxygen at low cost per cubic metre compare to bottled or bulk gas supply.

Atlas Copco NGP+ is the latest Nitrogen generator are on based Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, sets new standards in efficiency. Many business rely Nitrogen in their applications, a good example is the food and beverage industry where it is use in large quantities for packaging, bottling and food preservation. Very often it is brought in to the factory in bottles as gas or in liquid from. However, Nitrogen generation is not a complex as it might seem, the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and Atlas Copco generators delivers a constant flow of pure, high quality nitrogen.
Nitrogen Skid
Atlas Copco Nitrogen generators are easy and quick to install and delivers a constant flow of Nitrogen at a vastly lower cost per cubic metre compared to both bottled and liquid alternatives. Applications suitable for on-site generation are: Oil & Gas, Electronics, Food and Beverage packaging, Laboratories, Fire Prevention, Pharmaceutical and General Industry.

Oxygen generators

Just as Nitrogen, Oxygen (process gas) is vital to many industries so is the need for Oxygen in many processes in both industrial and medical applications. Atlas Copco’s OGP series of oxygen generators with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is a cost-efficient way produce your own, oxygen. Our PSA technology isolates oxygen molecules in compressed air. Oxygen generator only needs a source of dry compressed air to produce oxygen with a purity of 90% to 95%.

Become self-reliant today

Our Nitrogen and oxygen generators are ways we help you achieve self-reliance and lower your cost per cubic metre. Learn more today by calling 1800 023 469.