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Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps in Australia

Local sales and service throughout Australia.

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Local sale, service and support

Atlas Copco has been providing Australians with state-of-the-art compressors for more than 60 years. We are continually making improvements to ensure that you receive the best solution possible. No matter your location, we will be able to lend you a helping hand. We understand that as the years go by technology changes, and we adapt to these changes to make sure you are getting the best. Our on-site servicing is available to each and every location in Australia.

Air Compressors

Here at Atlas Copco we have a range of reliable air compressors for many different applications. No matter your need, or situation we can promise that we have a suitable air compressor for you. If you do not want an oil-injected air compressor, we also provide an oil-free option, which is certified Class 0 – 100% oil-free. Options like this is what makes us an industry leading company, as we are constantly improving our compressors. Our experts at all our offices around Australia can help find the air compressor you are looking for. Our technologies include:

Vacuum Pumps

A range of highly efficient vacuum pumps are available to you to suit a variety of different applications, and businesses. The introduction of the new GHSVSD+ is a game-changer for vacuum pumps. We continue to maintain our position as market-leaders, by making innovations like this to adapt to the changing environment. Each pump is designed in a way to maximise efficiency, while lowering the lifetime costs to you. Our technologies include:

Next Generation Technology

To adapt to the ever changing environment we can provide you with variable speed (VSD+) options. This means that your machine will optimise power consumption depending on the demand. With the most energy-efficient technology on the market, you can save on power of up to 50%.


Nitrogen and oxygen generators are available to you, as a simple way to make your own industrial gases. As a customer-focused company, we understand that costs is a priority for you. For this reason, a nitrogen or oxygen generator is a great option, as it reduces costs.

On-Site Servicing

Our experts here at Atlas Copco are available in all states of Australia. Whether you live in a city or regionally our local experts will come to you. Our mobile technicians are trained to provide service that is suitable to your location. We are able to provide local installation and all servicing to every inch of Australia.

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