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Henrob studs and stud setting systems

Motor vehicle lightweight car body joining made easy

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Henrob self-piercing stud system

Our self-piercing studs have a high degree of mechanical strength that can withstand impact, torque and vibrations. When your application needs to hold up to a heavy load, with the added benefit of minimal electrical current resistance, Henrob self-piercing studs are perfect for grounding. 

System components

Control panel

Henrob rivet setter control panel

Energy reclamation option available

Suitable for standard system layouts and multi-communication protocols, the control panel offers a solution that fits your production line. The control panel includes a touch screen HMI, process monitoring, system diagnosis and maintenance scheduling to keep your processes running smoothly.

Optional capacitor module recovers electrical energy during the riveting cycle.

Stud supply

Henrob poka-yoke rivet feed cube

Continuous and error-proof rivet supply

Standard feeder includes a rivet length checker to prevent the wrong size studs from being used in your application.

Optional poka-yoke solution ensures that only the correct studs are loaded into cubes utilizing RFID technology.

Running costs are decreased as the system operates at 4 bar, also improving the ecological footprint.


  • Servo riveting technology
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Uninterrupted stud supply
  • Fast cycle times
  • 100% duty cycle
  • High technical availability


  • Data-driven service functionality

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