Class 0 certified

Certified as being harmless to the quality of the ambient air during the process, eradicating the risk of oil-induced damage to sensitive applications, products and eliminated potential harm to humans and the environment

VSD⁺ inverter drive

Equipped with a VSD⁺ drive on the motor, enabling PI-Loop functionality as well as multiple options for remote connectivity – HMI via smartphone or PC, Fieldbus read-out and control and Mk5s controllers

Control your pump with the VSD⁺ mobile app

The VSD⁺ app available on iOS and Android devices lets you control and monitor a vacuum pump with your smartphone by only providing three parameters – target pressure, start/stop delay and stop level

Cleverly designed element

The main element is isolated from the rest of the pump offering quick access for maintenance and longer life bearings and seals

DZS VSD⁺ series - Mono-claw Dry Vacuum pump with Variable Speed Drive technology

The DZS 100 VSD⁺, DZS 200 VSD⁺, DZS 400 VSD⁺, DZS 600 VSD+ and DZS 1200 VSD+ are a range of dry claw vacuum pumps; single stage, oil-free, air-cooled and with the VSD⁺ inverter drive technology built-in. The DZS VSD⁺ series are a range of long life and durable pumps with very low maintenance for rough vacuum applications. These compact machines with small footprint deliver high reliability through a rugged and robust design.

A robust design

Manufactured on the fundamentals of Atlas Copco compressor design, these pumps feature some innovative construction materials and coatings for a long life of reliable operation even in harsh conditions. All pumps feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel claws making the DZS VSD⁺ suited for harsh applications.

The DZS VSD⁺ dry claw vacuum pump is ideally suited for:

  • CNC routing/clamping
  • Food applications
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Pick and place
  • Vacuum sewage
  • Paper converting
  • Printing
  • Tobacco
  • Central vacuum systems

Technical product specifications

Type Min pumping speed Max pumping speed Ultimate vacuum Motor power
  m3h/cfm m3h/cfm mbar/”HgV kW/hp
DZS 100 VSD 6/4 105/62 50/28.4 3/5
DZS 200 VSD 3/2 189/111 50/28.4 5.5/7
DZS 400 VSD 44/26 398/234 140/25.4 11/15
DZS 600 VSD⁺
DZS 600 VSD⁺
DZS 600 VSD⁺
DZS 1200 VSD⁺
DZS 1200 VSD⁺
DZS 1200 VSD⁺
    Unit DZS 600 VSD⁺ DZS 1200 VSD⁺
Performance Peak pumping speed (60Hz) m3h-1 / CFM 600 / 353 1140 / 670
Peak pumping speed (50Hz) m3h-1 / CFM
Ultimate vacuum continuous mbar / Torr 200 / 150
Nominal motor power @ 60Hz  kW / hp  11 / 14.7  22 / 30
@ 50Hz  kW / hp
@ RPM  60Hz / 50Hz 3450

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