DRB series

Fixed and variable speed mechanical booster pumps

DRB 1500-3000 VSD+

DRB 250-2000

Used in a wide range of applications, when high pumping speeds and low pressures are required

Simple and smart design

The DRB series non-contact rotational design offer increased pumping speeds for backing pumps. Smart design features include an integrated by-pass and protection against thermal overloading

Easy and flexible installation

Easy to integrate into existing vacuum systems due to its compact design. It is also easy to implement conversion from vertical to horizontal flow

Robust technology

The robust pump design boosts the most demanding requirements for modern industry. Services intervals are longer and requires minimal, simple on-site maintenance

Energy efficiency

The DRB series of pumps are equipped with IE3 three-phase motors and consumer lesser energy and have low carbon emissions and noise levels

DRB VSD + roots boosters - Productivity meets energy-efficiency

To enhance our DRB series even further we also have the DRB VSD⁺ variants. The boosters have the added advantage of Atlas Copco Vacuum’s Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology.


During daily functions, there can be moments where demand fluctuates and different vacuum speeds are required, that’s where the VSD⁺ drive comes in handy. This technology ensures efficient energy consumption by automatically adjusting the pump’s speed and power to the match process demand, rather than working on a fixed speed throughout. This reduces energy wastage and ensures a longer productive lifespan for your vacuum pump. 

Our DRB VSD⁺ variants can also be controlled via HEX@™ - Atlas Copco’s revolutionary vacuum pump controller. Through it, you can get quick access to an array of insights including pump performance, vacuum uptime and more. You can also configure your interface and receive the information as per your need and enjoy remote connectivity and control through the Bluetooth feature.

DRB series - Designed to support a multitude of applications

The DRB series of pumps are best suited to applications where rapid evacuations need to be achieved in the shortest possible cycle times. The most frequent use of the DRB roots vacuum booster pumps is as an enabler for smaller primary vacuum pumps. 

They are designed to boost the most demanding requirements for modern vacuum-based production processes. They are generally used to increase the pumping speed of a system or with the goal of reaching a lower ultimate vacuum level.

 Booster pumps are used in a wide range of applications, most commonly used in the rough vacuum range, especially when high pumping speeds and low pressures are required.

The DRB Mechanical Booster pump is ideally suited for:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging  
  • Vacuum cooling of vegetables, fruits and flowers  

  • Drying and freeze drying
  • High speed packaging such as skin packaging for the food industry 

  • Food dehydration
  • Altitude simulation and leak testing

Technical product specifications


DRB 250

DRB 500

DRB 1000

DRB 2000 DRB 1500 VSD+ DRB 3000 VSD+

Pumping Speed – 50 Hz











1500/884 3000/1767
Pumping Speed – 60 Hz











Max. permissible pressure differential across pumps







80 (60)
Nominal Motor Power











4.0 (5.4) 7.5 (10)

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