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Intelligent dry screw vacuum pump with VSD technology

DWS 450-750 VSD⁺

Ideal for harsh industrial applications, offering low lifecycle costs, lesser energy costs and low maintenance

Robust pump for harsh industrial applications

Constant flow sealing system, gas system with manual gas ballast control and non-contacting long-life seals ensures longer uptime and low maintenance

Pre-wired and systemized for easy installation

Electrical connections are connected, wired and assembled making this a plug and play dry screw vacuum pump

IP rated canopy

The space-saving canopy is IP54 rated offering you quiet operations with low power and utility consumption

Pneumatic inlet valve included

Included as standard scope of supply the pneumatic inlet valve enables warm-up/shutdown cycles and can easily fit into central vacuum system installations

Designed for dry operations

Gearbox is protected from contamination and the vacuum mechanism is kept free of oil

Intelligent features and connectivity

Equipped with Elektronikon™ enabling advanced pump monitoring parameters such as status, running/stopped hours, programmable timers and set point control

DWS 450-750 VSD+ - Intelligent dry screw vacuum pump with an IP rated canopy and remote monitoring features

The new Atlas Copco DWS VSD⁺ dry screw vacuum pump is a plug and play industrial vacuum pump. Intelligently engineered for long-life operations and designed for harsh applications, the DWS VSD⁺ dry screw vacuum pump series offers improved operational performance and stable vacuum. Screw vacuum technology is an ideal solution for many applications in packaging, drying, electronics, plasma processes, LED manufacturing, and solar.

The vacuum pump is friendly on the environment - the dry screw operations of the DWS VSD⁺ mean there is no contaminated or dirty oil to dispose of lowering recurring maintenance costs significantly.

In addition to lower maintenance costs, you can expect significantly lower energy and utility costs.

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology built-in to the pump optimizes energy consumption leading to substantial energy savings. The robust and compact canopy offers your installation an economical footprint, saving you space on your production floor or in your vacuum utility room. 

The DWS VSD+ series of dry screw vacuum pumps are ideally suited for

  • Drying (Freeze drying)
  • Cooling
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Vacuum chamber evacuation
    o   Space simulation chambers
    o   Gas recovery/circulation
    o   Load lock chambers
  • Packaging
  • Solar
    o   Silicon crystal-pullings
    o   PV lamination
    o   Load lock chambers
  • LED manufacture
  • Plasma processes
    o   Plasma welding
    o   Plasma nitriding
  • Coating
    o   Roll web coating
    o   Hard coating (CVD/DLC)
    o   Surface activation
    o   Plasma spray
    o   Glass coating    

    Unit DWS 450 VSD+
DWS 750 VSD+
Performance Peak pumping
m3h-1 / CFM 450 / 265 740 / 435 
Ultimate pressure mbar / Torr <0.01 / <0.008 <0.01 / <0.008
Full Load Power @utlimate pressure kW / hp 6 / 8 10.5 / 14
@peak pumping load kW / hp 12 / 16 22 / 30
Inlet connection   ISO100
Exhaust connection   NW50
Cooling Water Connection   G3/8" female threads
Flow I-min-1 / gal-min-1      
10 / 2.6 12 / 3.2
Supply pressure
bar / psig 6.9 / 100 7 / 100
DP across pump
bar / psig 1 / 14.5 1 / 14.5
Temperature 0C / 0F 5-40 / 41-104 5-40 / 41-104
Purge Gas Connection   G1/2" female threads
Pressure bar / psig 2.5-6.9 / 43.5-100 3-6.9 / 43.5-100
SSP flow I-min-1
12 12
Gas ballast flow I-min-1
0-128 0-130
Operating data Noise dB(A) <64 <70
Operating temperature 0C / 0F 5-40 / 41-104 5-40 / 41-104
Exhaust back pressure


mbar / PSI          

1200 / 17.4 1200 / 17.4
System IP rating   IP2X (electric cabinet
designed according
to IP54)
  Lubrication (as supplied)   PFPE Drynert 25/6 

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