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Over the past few years, the cost of energy has been increasing drastically. This causes many companies to question the cost effectiveness of their compressed air system and looking for ways to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency within their plant or facility. In order to find out how to increase energy efficiency, the system needs an air study, air analysis or air audit.

The data from an air audit can identify and advise how to properly size an air compressor for current needs. If high demand fluctuation exists within a given system, a variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor could be offered as a solution to obtain maximum energy savings while optimizing the overall compressed air system operations. Other than helping to properly size an air compressor, air audits can also further identify air leaks, especially when production is down during the night or the weekend. Depending on the size of the leak and the air compressor, the costs of wasted compressed air can add up to $1000s per year. Depending on a location and or region, some local utility companies provide their customers with benefits in a form of a monetary rebate for choosing a VSD air compressor to replace their existing system.

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