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Atlas Copco is an industrial vacuum pump manufacturer (OEM) and as such we understand that vacuum pumps are necessary for a wide range of applications. We have developed world leading vacuum solutions for these ranges of applications. As the needs continue to grow, we continue to ensure a range of state-of-the-art vacuum pumps are developed. By constantly making improvements to our vacuum pumps we aim to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Our range

Our growing portfolio of vacuum pumps range from smaller single-stage vacuum pumps, to the larger energy efficient GHSVSD+. Depending on what you are looking for, we have vacuum pumps available in fixed speed or variable speed. The variable speed drive (VSD) has the ability to adapt the power consumption depending on the demand, resulting in energy savings of up to 50%. This results in a low cost of ownership to you, while still providing high productivity.

Genuine Atlas Copco Parts

All parts and accessories that accompany these vacuum pumps are Atlas Copco genuine, and have been quality assured by us. The plug and play module is just another benefit to add to the high reliability of your vacuum pump. Not only does it save on costs, but also is time-saving, due to the easy installation.


Each pump has been developed and designed in a way that will ensure high reliability, no matter how demanding the applications, or conditions are. The smart, and robust design of our pumps means that you can achieve maximum up-time. One example is the use of our Atlas Copco vacuum pumps for medical vacuum applications.

Efficient Control Technology

With the latest in control technology for vacuum, the ESv is the most efficient way to maintain and control multiple vacuum pumps simultaneously. This results in a reduced maintenance cost to you, as all machines can be serviced at the same time.

Market Leading Performance

The performance of our vacuum pumps continues to be unrivalled due to our extensive product development. We maintain a desire to provide you with a product of high efficiency, with minimal lifestyle costs. The power consumption of these pumps are proven to be the best in class, while the noise level in many cases is half that of comparable technologies.

Sustainable Productivity

We understand our responsibility we have towards the environment, and the people around us. For this reason we are committed to sustainable productivity, and ensure our performance sticks to this. The long lasting components means that less maintenance, and replacements are required. A low level solution provides a better working environment. Our design for oil retention means that it is of market leading quality, even under the greatest load.

Servicing Available

In need of service for your vacuum pump? We also provide service Canada wide to ensure that you are getting the most out of your vacuum pump.

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