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Utility compressors: what do you integrate?

Atlas Copco’s utility compressors are lightweight, compact and easy to install in any truck. Your source of compressed air, no matter where you need to be.

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Utility compressor installed in the back of a truck

Utility compressor installed in the back of a truck

The dictionary defines the word utility as the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial – Atlas Copco's Utility range combines all three benefits in a lightweight, compact package. This range may not have any wheels, but all the integrated features mean we are proud to call this a mobile, easy to move compressor. The Utility range offers models with our revolutionary PACE system. PACE enables you to control the pressure and regulate the flow – giving you even more versatility to handle the toughest applications. All models come with a corrosion free C3 rated canopy.

Light weight

Several models under 750 kg. A footprint at least 10% more compact than any comparable model.

Easy to service

Simplicity, speed and long service intervals. Service takes less than 60 minutes and no special tools are required. Easy access to all components.

Built better

More features as standard. Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency.

Standard features on the utility compressors

Versatile utility air compressor

The versatile utility compressor

  • Best in class fuel efficiency

  • A footprint at least 10% smaller than comparable models

  • Starter motor protection system

  • Anti-air lock starting system

  • High-humidity C3 corrosion protection

  • 1000 hours service interval

  • Integrated lifting slots and top-hook

  • Enough fuel autonomy to run a full shift
  • Optional extras

    The PACE controller

    The PACE controller

  • PACE system (Pressure Adjustment thru Cognitive Electronics): You control the pressure and the machine regulates the flow

  • Generator option: Turn your compressor into a multi-function machine for both air and power. (6 kVA semi-simultaneous and a 15 kVA non-simultaneous)

  • Integrated aftercooler/water separator to protect your tools downstream

  • Plus many more: including custom colours, starting kits, refinery equipment and filtration
  • Atlas Copco's PACE technology

    Set the pressure of your portable compressor with the touch of a button.

    Performance   U 75 U 110 U110 PACE U 130 U 175 U 190 U 190 PACE
    Normal effective working pressure bar (g) 7 7 5-10,5 7 7 7 5-10,5
      psi (g) 100 100 70-150 100 100 100 70 - 150
    Free air delivery cfm 75 100 45-100 130 175 190 90-190
      m3/min 2,1 2,8 1,3 - 2,8 3,7 5 5,4 5,4 - 2,5

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    Combine your utility compressor with our pneumatic breakers, hammers and drills.