10 steps to a green and more efficient production

Carbon reduction for green production - all you need to know
10 steps to green compressed air production

Everything you need to know about your pneumatic conveying process

Discover how you can create a more efficient pneumatic conveying process.
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Inspection Plan

Inspection Plan - A thorough check-up of your compressor room

The Inspection Plan offers and advanced analysis of your compressed air system, performed by highly competent Atlas Copco technicians. This results in a comprehensive report with recommended actions to keep your equipment running in the most optimal way.
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Compressor inspection by the experts

Your compressor installation is audited by a certified Atlas Copco technician. After the inspection visit, you receive a detailed report on the status of your installation with maintenance recommendations. 

Our streamlined operational processes and accurate visit planning reduce administration to a minimum.

Compressor Inspection

Get connected

In SMARTLINK, you can find the basic information about your installation and our regular service. These reports keep you up to date about the status of your system, enabling you to plan maintenance exactly when it’s needed.


What is included

With Inspection Plan you get

Competent technicians
Our well-trained and experienced technicians know your machine inside and out. They can spot potential problems early to prevent breakdowns.
Efficient planning
Accurate planning prevents disruption of your production process and reduces administration. 
Remote monitoring
SMARTLINK Service makes it easy to check the performance status and service needs of your compressors, enabling you to plan maintenance exactly when it’s needed

Why Inspection Plan

Why choose for an Inspection Plan

Maximize maintenance efficiency

An Inspection plan complements your own technical people: get an expert for inspections or difficult repairs, and you manage your day-to-day maintenance.

Keep your equipment running

An Inspection plan comes with a clear report as well as an in-depth evaluation of problems and solutions for your technical people. The recommended actions keep your equipment running in the most optimal way.

What’s the risk of delaying maintenance?

Most parts have a specified lifespan. Failure to replace them on time may undermine your compressor’s efficiency and reliability. This increases the production costs, but also the risk of a breakdown with an even bigger impact on your profitability. 

Compressor Check-up

Additional Services

Additional services

Follow up on health and availability of all connected machines, with early warnings and recommendations. Get alerts sent to your computer or smartphone.
Analyze and optimize the energy efficiency of your compressor room, with reports and recommendations, performance indicators, benchmarks and trends. A must for ISO50001 compliance.
Diagnostic Services
Enables us to spot and fix any deviations at an early stage. Proactive troubleshooting, based on smart algorithms and our expert analysis, keeps your energy efficiency at its top level.

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