Meet Design Engineer Rohini Ketkar

At GECIA, Atlas Copco’s engineering center in India, more than 800 engineers work on innovative solutions to support the entire Group. We talked to Design Engineer Rohini Ketkar who started her professional journey in Atlas Copco through the GECIA internship program.       

Rohini Ketkar - Design Engineer in India

Years in Atlas Copco:  Almost 3 years, started in 2017

Education: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (BE), graduated in 2017

Previous work: Atlas Copco is her first employer after graduating  

Current role: Design Engineer, Industrial Air Division in India

Nationality: Indian

Hobby: Loves to watch Korean and Spanish series (with subtitles), is a frequent hiker, and enjoys making scrapbooks of all her good memories. 

In 2016, Design Engineer Rohini Ketkar was both an Atlas Copco intern and a scholarship recipient. Her positive experience of Atlas Copco during the internship had made her want to stay in the company, after graduating from university in 2017, she joined. 

A great introduction

Rohini explains that the first year of employment at Atlas Copco involved a well-defined training program. She believes the program was a great introduction to the company’s products and production processes, and it gave her more confidence, through trainings in topics such as presentation skills: ”The internships and scholarship programs showed me that Atlas Copco wants to have women engineers, and promotes diversity,” Rohini says.

Confidence to work globally

Today Rohini is a Design Engineer in the Industrial Air Division, at GECIA: “Right now I am doing onsite support for one of the brands in the Atlas Copco Group.” Rohini mentions that it was a challenge to work globally at first: “But after meeting our international colleagues and attending organized Atlas Copco programs, my confidence to work globally grew.”

Regarding other highlights or challenges, she says: “As I’m a Mechanical Engineer, supporting R&D means every new project is a new challenge. Brainstorming and discussions with colleagues help to develop smart solutions.”

Curiosity to know keeps up motivation

Rohini’s shares that her curiosity to know is what keeps her motivated. She adds that: “Working with people with different cultures from all over the world also keeps me happy and excited. I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I’ve completed a difficult project and seen it through to the end.”