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The Better Way Challenge Winners: Pride of Atlas Copco PH

This has been a good initiative from the Atlas Copco group — taking care of the health and well-being of everyone by having a virtual and exciting activities during this pandemic — The Better Way Challenge. And this 30-day challenge has not been an individual competition but more of a fun group work for the participants.

the better way poster

What is The Better Way Challenge?

The Better Way encourages you to board the health and wellness train. How? By strengthening the community vibe and building a wellness culture in the organization. Spanning 30 days, it aims to give users a subconscious nudge towards setting and meeting long-lasting goals. This web app allows employees from across the globe (including all Business Areas and brands) to participate in multiple challenges over the course of 30 days. The tasks focus on our physical, mental, and social well-being and allows each player to score points as they complete different tasks. 

In this sit-down interview, some of the fun and memorable tasks and experiences are being shared by these incredible participants of Philippines who successfully made it to the Top5 for regional rank - SEA and Oceania.

Watch the interview for highlights or read the full interview below.

How do you feel being on the Top5 of the challenge?

Trizha Martinez

Rica: I feel so happy since I am not really expecting being on top for regional, let alone being on 1st rank globally. I am truly happy.

Nico: I really feel the competition being present. The fact that this is global and the participants are competitive as well, it's double the challenge —within yourself and among colleagues.

Trizha: I am proud of it since it is not only an achievement for yourself but also for the country and business area you are in. It's an achievement for everyone.

Maricar: It made me so happy. The 30-day hardwork and sacrifices you put in each tasks came out worth the time and effort that you can be proud of.

What is your most favorite challenge or task, and why?

Maricar: Cart-wheeling - it's quite surprising to know that after years of not doing it, I was still able to do it, ofcourse after a few tries.

Trizha: Walking is my favorite because it has been part of my everyday routine even before The Better Way Challenge. It's like it just motivated me to push and walk more and consistently for the challenge.

Rica: I'm into exercising, may it be by walking or dancing. More than the prize, it pushed me to my goal for healthy living and losing weight.

Nico: My favorite task is the most easiest which is to sleep for 8 hours. Everyday, I only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep so this task helped me to atleast start on my 8-hour sleeping habit.


Rica Barundia

What is the most challenging task for you?

Maricar Avancena

Rica: Cartwheel is too challenging. I don't know how to do this even before so I even had to ask colleagues who can do it for me to finish the task. It's really challenging as well as the math problem!

Nico: Math — the problem had me asking help from my friends.

Trizha & Maricar: Math! The entire group was even solving it, everyone has to help. Group work for this!

Well, we must say, Math is a good challenger! 

What made you do the 30-day challenge consistently?

Nico: I just recovered from the injury which requires meto exercise and lose weight and that helped me and gave me extra motivation to be consistent with the challenge.

Trizha: It's a good thing that this year, I started this goal to go back to working out. And since I'm already awake by 4am, it has been my routine doing the exercise, answering the quiz and accomplishing the tasks through out the day.

Maricar: The activities excites me and the colleagues who encouraged me to join motivates me to finish the 30-day challenge, aside from the local challenges we currently doing same as this.

Rica: I am just really competitive. It's part of me already and the reminders I set for myself made me consistent in doing the tasks.

Nico Paguidopon

Which challenge or task you get to do up to now or you plan to continue on doing?

tbw winners2

Trizha: I continue in walking but not as challenging as before. I just set a goal for myself for a day but not as extreme as I had in the Better Way - more of just maintining the weight I already achieved.

Rica: I set 15km for a day or atleast not lower than 5km. I also get consistent nowadays in having a salad or yogurt. I didn't like having these before but now I can say that I am getting used to it.

tbw winners standing

Maricar: Same with Rica. I am trying to be consistent in having a salad on my meal. Also the skipping of refined sugar; most of the time after that task, as much as possible I am avoiding food with too much sugar. It feels good to be healthy when it comes to food.

Nico: I prefer the 8 hours of sleeping! Since I achieved the 8-hour sleep during the task, I am continuing it and making sure that I get atleast 7 hours of it every night.

As revealed by other participants, Rica being so consistent on the challenge thru her own reminders, also a big help on them as she herself remind her own colleagues to log-in and start a task! What a thoughtful team mate! Truly deserved the top spot!

Colleagues celebrating outside Atlas Copco entrance.

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