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Gas compressors

Made for industrial applications ranging from air gas feeds and gas bottling to petrochemicals, gas processing, and numerous industrial processes, our oil-free and oil-lubricated gas compressors are true all-rounders. Our range covers high flow levels up to 10 000 m3/h (5885 cfm), with maximum outlet pressures up to 480 bar (6962 psi)

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Easy gas compressor operation

Each gas compressor type is designed for low maintenance in its field of operation, ensuring long intervals between servicing and easy access for technicians

Available for a wide gas application range

Gas compressor types offering oil-less, oil-free and oil-lubricated design give you full control over gas purity levels. That extends all the way to the stringent ISO class-zero standard

Built for maximum productivity and efficiency

Thanks to proven gas compression design, our equipment provides high reliability in your operation. Towards that goal, we draw from 150 years of experience in air and gas compression technology

Meeting all your compressed gas needs

Atlas Copco is one of the world's leading companies in air and gas compression, with over 140 years of experience. Our complete range of compressed gas solutions is characterized by outstanding product and component quality. We can handle a wide variety of gases and gas mixtures and can tailor our gas compressors to the specific requirements of your processes.

  • Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG)
  • CO/ CO2
  • Nitrogen
  • Methane
  • Hydrogen 
  • Argon
  • Helium
  • Air

Gas compressor product range

A gas compressor for every industrial application

Which technology to use for which application or process?

  • Piston gas compressors are mainly used for industrial, gas transportation and gas storage processes.
    Serving the CNG, air separation and renewable energy industries, we deliver all kinds of gas compressors, from CNG to CO2.
    Pressures range up to 350 bar(g) and flow up to 14,000 Nm3/h.
  • Centrifugal turbocompressors are used for hydrocarbon processes: LNG, Natural Gas Processing, Marine LNG, Fertilizer, Downstream / Refinery, Power Generation and Industrial Gases.
    Integrally geared or single shaft compressors for pressures up to 205 bar(a) and flows up to 500,000 m3/h.
  • Oil-free gas screw compressors for onshore or offshore LNG duty. Our variable speed driven screw compressors efficiently handle methane / biomethane and LNG-as-fuel processes with pressures up to 26 bar(a) and flows up to 9,000 m3/hr


Piston gas compressors

Centrifugal gas compressors

Gas screw compressors

Our gas compressors serving your industry and applications

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