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air compressor for pharmaceutical industry

Air compressors for pharmaceutical industry

Clean compressed air systems for all pharmaceutical applications. Certified by international institutions to suit the compressed air standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing. High energy efficiency and a great aftermarket service leads to low total cost of ownership

Satisfactory to pharmaceutical air standards

Oil free air for pharmaceutical manufacturing must be qualified to certain standards to avoid contaminations, disruptions, shutdowns or recalls. We are the first compressor manufacturer to receive certifications for a new industry standard of air purity

Experienced in the pharmaceutical industry

After having serviced clients in the pharmaceutical sector all over the world, we have accumulated the experience and knowledge to help you find the ideal solution and bring you peace of mind concerning your compressed air needs

Sustainability through high energy efficiency

Our oil free air compressors are among the most energy efficient on the market, save on energy consumption by analyzing, monitoring and optimizing your compressed air installation.

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Certified clean compressed air for pharmaceutical applications

We have set a standard concerning our air purity. This is how we became the world's first compressor manufacturer to receive multiple international certifications. We have received certifications for: • ISO 22000 on our manufacturing process •ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 on the level of air purity • ISO 7396-1-2007 on medical gas and pipeline systems Additionally, we comply to the Good Manufacturing Practice paragraph D10 and in part 210 where it states that compressed air must be of appropriate purity, in our eyes this level of air purity can only be delivered by CLASS 0 machines.

All compressed air technologies for the pharmaceutical industry

Thanks to our experience in the global pharmaceutical industry, we can offer all compressed air technologies needed for each application in the pharmaceutical industry. We are a total offering supplier, meaning we have compressed air solutions for all your needs ranging from air compressors, dryers and filters, control systems and much more.

A reliable partner brings comfort

We take pride in our reliability. This means giving our customers peace of mind by flow testing every single machine we produce to ensure its efficiency. Also, making sure our machines have the most optimal uptimes and if a problem occurs our global installed service which is spread over 180 countries will solve it as soon as possible. About our services

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Pharmaceutical industry applications


Oil free compressed air is used to clean and remove moisture from the packaging, bottle, tubes or cans, depending on the product. During this process the air comes into contact with the product, so the air must be Class 0 oil-free air to prevent the risk of contamination.

Manufacturing of tablets & capsules

Compressed air comes into contact during almost every phase of the process. Mixing and granulation, drying, pressing, coating and packaging. Air must be CLASS 0 to avoid contamination.

Manufacturing of ointments, creams, gels and syrups

Tubes, vials, etc. have to be cleaned and dried before they are filled with their product in order to remove any moisture or dust. Providing oil-free air makes sure that the end-product will not be contaminated.


Sterile air aerates a fermenter. The air cannot be contaminated, or the bacteria will be polluted and consequently the end product will not be of high quality.

Instrumentation air

Air is used for pneumatic conveying during the manufacturing process, this means it comes into contact with the product so the air must be clean. During the rest of the process compressed air is also used to control valves, sorting, polishing and more.

Wastewater treatment

The water that is used during the manufacturing process has to be treated first or it could contaminate the product. After using the water it has to be treated too before it can be reused or released. More on wastewater treatment

Ancillary products for pharmaceutical applications

Air compressors for pharmaceutical industry

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