Low pressure oil-free screw compressors ZE & ZA ( VSD)

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Schomburg has facilitated the transport of their bulk materials through the installation of an efficient stationary compressor system. Two oil-injected GA screw compressors and two oil-free ZE low pressure compressors were installed. The installation improved the quality of the raw materials and dramatically increased the efficiency of the pneumatic transport. Schomburg has been around for 80 years. The core competences of the company are: building sealing, repair and tile composite sealing.
Two of our ZE 2 oil-free compressors now supply the unloading points with conveying air. With the purchase of these compressed air solutions, Schomburg not only solved the noise problem, but also improved the compressed air quality and the conveying process itself.


Quality first

Don’t compromise on the quality of your production. The ZE/ZA low-pressure compressors are specifically designed to be used in arduous dusty and humid environments.

Zero risk

Air purity is what we stand for: ZE/ZA are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified : zero oil in the air network means zero risk for your production process.

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Minimize your energy costs

A whole portfolio of energy saving features to reduce pressure drop and maximize your energy savings. The VSD provides further savings.

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Easy installation

The ZE/ZA low-pressure oil-free air packages can be quickly and easily integrated in your compressed air network, saving you time and money.

ZE&ZA (VSD): high quality for low pressure air systems

Especially in dusty and humid environments, you need a reliable, high-quality air source. The ZE/ZA (VSD) low-pressure oil-free air compressors are developed to help you optimize your production process in different applications such as:

  • pneumatic conveying
  • fermentation
  • glass blowing
  • flotation cells

Technical specifications

Capacidad FAD (l/s)

66 l/s - 2 086 l/s

Capacidad FAD

239 m³/h - 7 510 m³/h

Presión de trabajo

1 bar(e) - 4 bar(e)

Potencia instalada del motor

30 kW - 522 kW


  • ZE3_EN 16.2 MB, PDF
  • ZE/ZA (VSD) 2-6 (1.4 bar(e)/14.5-58 psig) (30-522 kW/40-700 hp) 6.1 MB, PDF

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