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NGMs: Efficient nitrogen generation for low volume applications

The NGMs 1-3 range is a highly efficient nitrogen generator range utilizing membrane technology. These generators are designed to produce nitrogen from compressed air for a variety of applications. Purities range from 95% up to 99.5%.

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Extremely fast start-up

After a push on the start button, the NGMs 1-3 only takes a few seconds to have your nitrogen available at the outlet.
• Nitrogen available right when you need it
• No specialist installation or commissioning

High performant membrane

• No ageing, our membrane keeps the full performance over the entire lifetime
• Long lifetime due to 2-stage pre filtration built in the generator

Cost savings

• Low operating expenses due to low air factor
• No additional costs such as order processing, refills and delivery charges.
• Low maintenance cost

High nitrogen quality

• Purities from 95% up to 99.5% (residual oxygen content levels from 5% up to 0.1%) • Outlet nitrogen dew point of -50°C

Complete machine

• Integrated 2 stage filtration
• Integrated oxygen sensor

Purity NGMs 1 NGMs 2 NGMs 3
  FND Nm³/h FND scfm SCFH Air factor FND Nm³/h FND scfm SCFH Air factor FND Nm³/h FND scfm SCFH Air factor
95% 4.6 2.75 165 2 9.6 5.7 345 2 14 8.4 503 2
97% 3.2 1.9 115 2.4 6.5 3.9 233.5 2.4 9.7 5.8 348 2.4