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Solusi kompresor untuk mesin peniupan botol PET

Kompresor udara bebas oli untuk mesin peniupan botol PET otomatis. Kompresor udara bersertifikasi Kelas 0 menjamin udara yang bersih dan aman untuk produk akhir berkualitas tinggi dalam industri peniupan botol PET

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Pemasok dengan penawaran total

You might expect a supplier who delivers a high pressure compressor. Our complete PET package not only includes the high pressure network you need, but offers you all compressors including ancillaries on your site.

Leading experience and technology

Stop wasting capital and increase your operational efficiency. With the leading expertise in hand, we ensure you invest on a unique solution to reduce the total cost of ownership throughout your entire PET process

Jaringan servis global yang dapat diandalkan

Reliability means delivering consistent performance and optimizing uptime. We guarantee every compressor is flow tested and have developed the best possible aftermarket spread over 180 countries.

Tentang layanan servis kami

Kompresor peniupan botol PET yang dibuat khusus

We tailor our products to perfectly match your needs. Depending on the different requirements, such as low noise and vibration levels or different space needs, we can customize our products completely.

This also means that no additional infrastructure is needed apart from the investment itself. Additionally, different energy demands require different solutions which we can deliver. All our oil free compressors are satisfactory to the ISO 22000 and 8573-1 norms.

Energy efficient PET bottle blowing and more

The PET bottle blowing compressors that we manufacture are among the most energy efficient on the market. Being oil free means no expensive air filters must be replaced and that there is no energy loss due to these filters pressure drop.

In addition, there is no external high-pressure dryer needed which is the case for our competitors. Our patented “virtual shaft” system connects all our compressors to minimize any possible downtimes and boost energy efficiency. Finally, we offer usable medium-pressure tap-off, making it possible to avoid the need of separate medium pressure air compressors.
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Pemantauan dengan SMARTlink

All your compressors can be installed with a SMARTlink system which safeguards the performance of your equipment. SMARTlink links all your compressors with your smartphone and/or computer. It allows continuous monitoring and analyzation of efficiency and allows making accurate and immediate improvements when needed.

In case of problems SMARTlink will warn you ahead of a shutdown or similar, this way you can avoid the risk of a breakdown. Additionally, the transparency facilitates assessing system performance leading to improved system usage and minimizing energy consumption costs.
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Taking steps towards zero plastic waste

PET is globally recognized as a safe and recyclable packaging material.

PET bottles remain the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging option when compared to aluminum cans and glass bottles. When measuring greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, PET containers simply have the best performance.  To give you an idea, to make a PET bottle, it takes 70% less CO2 versus a glass bottle and if you look at the entire life cycle (including recycling), it is 90% lower CO2 than glass bottles, where the weight of the glass is in the logistic.

Picking your way to more savings, never less

Companies have become far more rigoruous in their selection process - this is probably the reason why they choose Atlas Copco PET compressors. You can also rely on the complete PET package that’s leading the future of high pressure PET bottling as it allows you to reduce your environmental footprint up to 30%.  For smaller installations, you can also count on our air-cooled PET bottle compressor.

Cerita pelanggan peniupan PET


Udara pembersih

Udara bertekanan bebas oli digunakan untuk membersihkan botol dan kemasan sebelum proses pengisian.Udara yang terkontaminasi dapat mengubah rasa dan bau serta berbahaya bagi kesehatan.

Tap-off bertekanan menengah

Dapatkan efisiensi dengan mempertahankan tekanan menengah yang dihasilkan dalam proses peniupan botol PET, dan gunakan tekanan untuk instrumentasi di seluruh perusahaan
Lihat selengkapnya tentang penggunaan tap-off bertekanan menengah.

Peniupan botol PET

Udara bertekanan tinggi digunakan untuk meniup botol sesuai dengan bentuk cetakan tiup.Udara bebas oli Kelas 0 menjamin bahwa botol tidak akan terkontaminasi dengan oli.


Udara bertekanan digunakan untuk mengontrol katup dan aktuator dalam saluran otomatis pada proses pengemasan, pelabelan, dan lainnya.Udara bebas oli mencegah kemacetan pada komponen otomatis dan menjaga tingkat keamanan produk akhir.

Solusi udara bertekanan untuk PET