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Avoid pressure loss for PET bottle blowing machines

Increase efficiency by avoiding pressure loss that occurs when blowing PET bottles

In general, compressors for PET bottle blowing are a medium-pressure compressor and a booster combined in one machine. In our eyes this is a loss of efficiency because not all the pressure is used for the PET bottle blowing process. This means that more air is compressed than is needed by the booster to blow the bottles. The excess of pressurized air is then normally released into the atmosphere.
With our product the ZD Xtend RI compressor,  it is possible to “tap-off” some of the medium-pressure oil-free air that is generated in the ZR compressor before it goes to the D booster. This way the medium-pressure compressed air can be used in the rest of the company for instrumentation such as, cooling and pneumatic conveying. This results in a more energy efficient compressor, thus a lower cost of total ownership. In addition to removing the need of having to acquire a separate medium-pressure air compressor.

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