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Quality Assurance - QA Platform 4.0

The smart connected solution for the entire Quality Assurance process

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The next generation of assembly tools and solutions is here

Atlas Copco's QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today's fast paced, ever-changing production environment. QA 4.0 products provide flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive, modern manufacturing.

QA Platform 4.0 - The smart connected Quality Assurance solution

Atlas Copco's QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today's manufacturing demands.

The platform combines new manufacturing techniques with high quality to achieve new smart connected solutions, tackling Industry 4.0's toughest challenges.

Our product portfolio provides flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive and modern manufacturing.


A flexible solution for all your Industry 4.0 demands

This is how Atlas Copco pictures the Smart Connected Assembly concept and thanks to the flexibility of QA Platform 4.0, maintenance will be performed at the right time, in a reliable way and with an easy configuration for each application. This will help our customer to increase uptime, handle new product introductions easily and reduce defects.

Reduced training costs

STpad, STbench and QA Supervisor are capable of any type of quality inspections: Tool inspections, joint inspections, visual inspections and dimensional inspections. This mean less training for operators and quality managers, as they can finally use use a single device for all of their needs.

Reduced labor costs

Easy to use user interfaces help users run their tasks in less time. Quick, on-board programming on the STpad and STbench reduce programming time for quality operators. The simplified data navigation on QA Supervisor also allows quality managers to find information quickly and easily.

Reduced maintenance costs

STpad was built with robustness in mind. The device is certified (MIL-STD-810G and IP 65) for tough industrial environments. QA Supervisor is a web-based software. This means that it does not need to be installed on users’ PCs, both for a first time installation or new software releases.

Quality Assurance capabilities of QA Platform 4.0:

Automatic station testing

Single spindle, multi-spindle and robot stations can be easily tested with IRC-Connect and STpad for testing on automated stations.

Joint checks

STpad and STpalm add visual guidance, flexibility and traceability to residual checks with STwrench.

Joint simulation tool checks

Atlas Copco's mobile STbench provides fast and reliable quality testing of tool performance.

Dimensional checks

Automatic dimensional checks with traceability can be performed with STpad or STpalm.

Non-torque checks

Full operator guidance for any non-torque related checks, providing full traceability, assignable causes and corrective action.

Quality process control

Schedule operator tasks and monitor the entire process with QA Supervisor – easily accessible remotely or from your PC.

In-line tool checks

Simple and effective tool checks on the line with STa 6000.

Visual checks

Standardization and full traceability of visual tests like no-go / go and correction of defects.

Smartly connected to put you in control

The new QA Platform 4.0 from Atlas Copco represents the smart connected solution for the entire Quality Assurance process. All measurement devices are wirelessly connected, so that the user controls the complete process using the same interface. Once programmed, the equipment can work independently, reporting to the centralized system. Data and statistics coming from all the different data collectors in the plant are merged and analyzed with QA Supervisor software that schedules routes of tests and monitors the complete process, guaranteeing the constant management and control of the process.

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QA Platform 4.0 products and solutions

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