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Pumping technology assists in the stability of dams

Ngày 14 tháng 6 năm 2019

Especially in raining seasons, equipment helps to reduce the load of dams by draining fluvial waters.

In April, the Brazilian National Mining Agency (ANM) reported that it had interdicted almost twenty dams due to stability problems. The decision was taken to meet the requirements of the Stability Conditions Statement, document that must be submitted annually by the mining companies, in order to monitor the conditions of the dams and prevent ruptures that could put at risk communities, environment and businesses.

The question involving the interdiction situation is: could this be avoided?

For Itubombas (part of Atlas Copco Rental diviszion in South America), who specializes in the rental of emergency pumping systems, the answer is yes and it goes through the use of high technology.

Roberto Horii, sales manager, explains that especially in times of rain, the use of motor pumps can help maintain the stability of the dams by constantly draining the waters and sending them to river channels. The Itubombas equipment has done this work at the Barragem Germano, by Samarco, for example. "Samarco used about 40 units of the ITU-1212S17 pump to divert rainwater from its rebuilding. With 1.5-thousand m3 / hour flow, the equipment pumps millions of m3 of precipitation water," says Horii.

Due to its high flow rate, the ITU-1212S17, supplied with a remote monitoring and control system, is the most suitable equipment for this type of operation. Additionally to the motor pumps, Itubombas also provides the leasing of various accessories, such as hoses, pipes, couplings and floats, as well as technical support for hydraulic sizing of each application and equipment operation.

“ It is worth mentioning that in emergency cases, the use of diesel pumps is not dependent on electricity and assembly can be done very quickly. ”

Roberto Horii

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