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Smart electronics for a better fuel efficiency

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Does your mobile compressor burn fuel when you're not using air?

Diesel compressors spend quite some time in “idling mode”: the compressor is on, but doesn’t deliver air. During drill rod refills, while moving equipment around or simply during lunch breaks. Even in this idling mode your engine keeps running, driving an element that works hard to keep the pressure up.

Thanks to ECO-mode, Atlas Copco’s compressors switch from unload, the idling status, to no-load. During this no-load time, the compressor consumes 50% less fuel. If you consider how much fuel costs contribute to your total cost of ownership, you can do the maths on the actual savings…

What is ECO-mode?

How does ECO-mode work?

Rod drill changes, moving equipment, breaks,… If your application has long periods without air demand your compressor goes into “unload mode”. Thanks to the ECO-mode function, the compressor will automatically switch from unload to no-load. The engine speed drops, the pressure gradually decreases and the engine will consume only half as much fuel. Resuming your work? Then an air discharge pressure sensor detects the air demand of the application. The controller automatically triggers the re-load of the compressor. This auto detection feature makes sure you are up and running again in a heartbeat.

You're in control

Both the Xc2003 and Xc4004 controllers come with ECO-mode. You can change the parameters as you like: the minimum pressure, the time after which ECO-mode kicks in, etc.

The “auto stop” function allows your compressor to automatically stop completely after a preset period of inactivity. That means the compressor consumes no fuel at all.

If you want a completely automated system, you can also activate the “auto start” setting. This function starts your compressor automatically again if the pressure drops below a preset level. Of course this "auto start" function should be used carefully. Always read the manual before activating "auto start".