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Atlas Copco Genuine Oils

The blood in your machine

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Engineered by us!

Our oils are engineered in-house in order to protect your equipment for the longest service interval at the lowest cost of ownership for all demanding conditions.

Tested for you!

Although everything starts from our engineering labs, we never release our oils without real-life screening. This ensures our oils function well in a wide range of settings and conditions.

Ready to use!

Our lubricants are made using a balanced recipe based on extensive research and development. You can count on improved uptime and you will not be faced with unexpected costly breakdowns.

Fluids & Lubricants Portfolio

We have a complete line of fluids and lubricants ideally suited for your construction product portfolio. Developed to match performance specifications and improve maintenance requirements, Atlas Copco fluids and lubricants help protect your investment, which keeps you productive and improves the resale value of your equipment.

Why choose genuine oil?

What makes every Atlas Copco lubricant unique is the mix of additives. These ensure the lubricant will perform just as it should, with properties such as oxidation resistance, viscosity at low temperatures, and anti-foaming. Apart from the basic functions of lubrication and heat absorption, the lubricants prevent corrosion, contamination and premature wear.