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Quick Stop

When you let go of the dead man’s grip the trowel stops. At once

Easy maintenance

The service support/carrying handle makes service and maintenance smooth. All parts exposed to wet concrete are easy to clean

Fold it

A foldable handle is an easy way to save cargo space and load handling-time during transport

Easy handling

The BG 245 is an easy-to-carry trowel with safety features to match its power and efficiency. The blade diameter is just 600 mm and the edges of the cast rotating protection ring is clad in rubber. Together the features allow you to reach far into corners, close to walls and near other obstacles.
Hand/arm vibration is reduced in both models, but vibrations are exceptionally low with the electrical model.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Protection ring diameter

615 mm

Operating weight

60 kg

Blade diameter

600 mm

Disc diameter

610 mm

Floating blade diameter

0 mm

Blade speed

120 rpm

Number of blades


Type of handle

Short foldable

Type of blade angel adjustment

Twist pitch

Lifting hook


Transport wheels


Bladearm Type

Bolt on