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Quick Stop

When you let go of the dead man’s grip the trowel stops. At once

Easy maintenance

The service support/carrying handle makes service and maintenance smooth. All parts exposed to wet concrete are easy to clean.

Enjoy the power

The vibro reduced and height adjustable handle is equipped with ergonomically assembled controls and smooth clutch engagement

Powerful and safe

These high capacity trowels have 900 to 1,200 mm trowel diameters and power outputs from 5.5 to 9 hp, delivered by high quality Honda engines and a reliable gearbox. An adjustable handle with two different lengths makes work comfortable and safe. Thanks to great design the handle is both stable and lets you reach all controls directly.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Protection ring diameter

950 mm

Operating weight

93 kg

Blade diameter

900 mm

Disc diameter

945 mm

Floating blade diameter

945 mm

Blade speed

40 - 115 rpm

Number of blades


Type of handle

Long foldable

Type of blade angel adjustment

Twist pitch

Lifting hook


Transport wheels


Bladearm Type

Quick release / Bolt on