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Using the catalogue to read performance data

The performance data stated in Atlas Copco Air Motor catalogue is valid for an air supply pressure of 6.3 bar (91 psi), gauge. The data in the catalogue is available both in tables and diagrams.

Using catalogue data air motors

A number of key data are identified in the diagram. These data are also listed in the data tables of the motors in the catalogue.

The output of an air motor is most clearly seen from its performance diagram. For each motor/gear unit the power, torque and air consumption are shown as a function of speed. 

- Maximum power, kW and hp
- Speed at point of maximum power, rpm
- Torque at maximum power, Nm
- Free speed, rpm
- Air consumption at maximum power, l/s

The starting torque produced by an air motor is variable and depends on vane position. This information can only be obtained from data tables, where the guaranteed value is shown. The stall torque is not given in the catalogue data but can be estimated as twice the torque at maximum power output.

Download our catalogue below: