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Walk the line: how we can help you to identify potentials cost savings and quality improvement

Oil leakage, productivity improvement, the reliability of the tightening system, first-time-right, easy access to the joint, safety, joint quality, clear confirmation of the tightening result, unplanned stops... these are just a few of the main challenges you face in your off-road assembly plant. And we are here to help you!

What we do:

global managment

Our specialists will walk through your line, observe your processes and ask relevant questions. We provide meaningful suggestions based on your given objectives, about how to shortly improve your assembly line after evaluating your current situation.

What you get as result:

Accounting Business control Icon

▪ Several opportunities revealed to increase line speed and output

▪ Quality improvement of your final product

▪ Reduced risk of costly quality-related recalls or warranties by making it right the first time.

How we do:

We walk your line

Observe your process
Interview operators
Identify issues
Wide the scope to the whole process

We evaluate the results

Uncover potentials for cost savings
Improve your efficiency
Standardize your processes  
Improve your quality

We present the results

Provide an evaluation of your line regarding standards, efficiency, quality output & processes
Demonstrate your potential