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Oil-free air compressors to rent

Industrial air compressors for all key sectors

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Whatever your industry sector: discover the benefits 100% oil-free air compressors can make to your business:

  • Eliminate the risks of air contamination in your end product
  • Reduce the operating cost of compressed air in your business
  • Lower your maintenance costs

Our wide range of oil-free compressors supplies 100% oil-free air for all critical applications.

Our Class Zero equipment is ISO-certified - an industry first. Oil-free air gives you the flexibility, support and peace of mind you need.

Mobile diesel driven oil-free air compressors

You need 100% class zero oil-free compressed air... but don't have connection to the grid? We have you covered with a full range of oil-free diesel driven air compressors.

If you have a power supply at your disposal, then an electric compressor may be the best solution.

Electric compressors are quieter, they require less maintenance and no fuel top-ups. Moreover, with an electric-drive compressor you have absolutely no exhaust, which benefits your production facility as well as the environment.

Mobile electric driven oil-free air compressors to rent

You require 100% class zero oil-free compressed air onsite - and want to connect to the grid? We have the best match for you in our rental fleet!

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A trusted partner for the manufacturing industry

We are a worldwide leader in temporary air & nitrogen solutions. With over 1,000 Megawatt air compressors in our fleet including diesel and electric you can rely on us at all times.