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The Michel family has been involved in wine for over generations now. They produce Chablis, from the vine to the bottle.

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Winemaking at Chablis

After growing and harvesting, the wine needs to be bottled. This process contains several applications, all needing compressed air or nitrogen. The compressed air is used for bottling the machines, putting on the capsules and labelling.

How is nitrogen used during the bottling?

During bottling, nitrogen is used twice. First to remove oxygen from the empty bottles, and afterwards to chase the carbon gasses just before capping. The compressed air and nitrogen is provided by a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor with built-in dryer and a nitrogen generator. On top, the Michel family also uses 3 filters. By replacing nitrogen in bottles with a generator while using a VSD compressor, the Michel family saves not only time and money but also energy.