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Custom Build

Each custom-built system is designed to meet your exact specification in order to ensure you receive the optimal system.

For more information, contact us. Discover the industry applications

We can supply the system to suit your need, from the basic nitrogen generator to a fully installed system comprising the compressed air supply, filtration, drying and nitrogen generator. From your specified flow, purity & pressure figures, we can draw up a suitable system. This is followed up by a site visit and a final proposal as required.

Optimum Modularity

Whether you work in a small packaging company or larger chemical plant, your needs with regards to nitrogen are diverse yet precise. At Atlas Copco, we simply build a customised system around your workflow to suit your demands. Thanks to their modular design, our nitrogen generators can be used in parallel for the most cost-efficient solution. Should you require extra capacity at a certain point, modules can easily be added. You obtain the exact tools you require to reach your goals.