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Individual solutions for individual requirements

We provide bus, coaches, trucks and custom applications electric and hybrid vehicles manufacturers with flexible solutions for their compressed air needs. We provide our customers with compressors that can be adapted to different cooling concepts, either air or water cooled and the ability to adapt to various power sources, either AC networks or High Voltage DC bus. Choose from our range of oil injected screw compressors or oil-free scrolls compressor and you will get the quality and reliability you can expect from a compressed air specialist.

Design adapted

We create compressors from our trusted and proven components and turn them into packaged solutions for your electric and hybrid vehicles. You get from us the best technologies in a package that is tailored for your special needs.

Technical expertise and innovative solutions

When you buy a compressor from Atlas Copco you benefit from decades of experience as being the market leader for compressor technologies. You get this very experience even in your mobility compressors, ensuring that you get  a dependable source of air for your vehicles.

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Bus compressors and air treatment