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Proven reliability

Mining has been one of Atlas Copco's core business for decades and we know our customers very well. For Heavy-duty vehicles companies a reliable supply of compressed air is a non-negotiable requirement, without air the rock drills can't run ending in costly downtimes and loss of productivity. Our compressors have proven since years that they deliver just that: reliable worry-free air supply. Over the years Atlas Copco has provided to this sector more than 20,000 compressors and we're still counting, giving you the peace of mind that when you purchase an Atlas Copco compressor for your Heavy-duty vehicles you will get the very best on the market. 

From the application to the solution

The ambient conditions inside of mines for example are one of the most demanding for air compressors. Mines can be extremely hot and humid or even corrosive, same goes for fire trucks. The vehicles themselves put a lot of stress on the compressors that must be able to withstand the vibrations and shocks coming from an operating vehicle. A standard compressor can't cope with these extreme conditions. At Atlas Copco, we start from the application itself, to offer to the market compressors adapted for the high humidity and extreme temperatures. Our materials are also carefully chosen to provide the best in corrosion resistance over the years.

Reliable air supply, yes … But a clean one!

Reliability of the air supply is good, but what if you could make also your precious rock drills and other air operated equipment more reliable? This is what a clean air supply does! Atlas Copco also provides air treatment systems and dryers that you can use onboard your vehicles to improve not only the quality of your air supply but also the overall reliability of your machines. 

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