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Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd saves energy and reduces emissions

Siyaram Silk Mills Limited has installed AIRnet, a modular compressed air piping system from Atlas Copco, at its plant at Tarapur, Maharashtra. AIRnet delivers quality air from the compressor to the point of use and saves the plant of up to 56,000 kWh every year. Established in 1978, Siyaram is a market-leading manufacturer of yarns, home furnishings and garments. The company’s plant is equipped with the latest machinery for textile manufacturing.

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AIRnet: easy installation, efficient operation

AIRnet installation at Siyaram Silk Mills, Tarapur, Maharashtra, India?

Installing AIRnet is fast and simple as no welding, gluing or crimping is required. AIRnet’s modular system of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum pipes are highly durable and feature self-aligning, fully sealed polymer fittings with integrated O-rings that eliminate any possibility of leaks.
The low friction factor of aluminum and the seamless connections minimize pressure drop. This, combined with bigger inner diameter, ensures high efficiency. In compliance with industrial standards, AIRnet pipes are pre-painted in blue (for compressed air) or green (for nitrogen gas) for easy network identification.

Saving up to 56,000 kWh every year

At Siyaram, the AIRnet piping system is connected to a 250 kW Oil Free Air Compressor ZT 250 which enables the pressure to drop by 0.2 bar, resulting in energy saving of 3.5 kW per hour.
The compressor runs for about 8,000 hours per year, so annual savings in energy consumption will be close to 56,000 kWh. In turn, this reduces CO2 emissions by 54 tons per year which, over 10 years, is equivalent to planting 2,400 trees.

Our relationship with Atlas Copco goes back more than 20 years. We believe in Atlas Copco because they are a quality supplier. Their services are good. They are way ahead of any other suppliers and just a phone call away. When we decide to expand further, we will definitely use Atlas Copco’s AIRnet system.

Mr. P. K. Archarya , Senior President (Technical), Siyaram Silk Mills Limited