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Lowest emissions

With the PTS 1600 you rent
the most environmentally friendly
solution on the market: NOx and PM
(Particulate Matter) are drastically
reduced compared to previous
generations. In other words, you help
create a healthier environment for all
of us.

Highest reliability for minimum downtime

Thanks to its robust engine the PTS 1600 is even more reliable than its predecessors. The engine has a stunning service interval that allows running of your PTS 1600 for longer than ever, without a single break.

Maximum fuel efficiency

The PTS 1600 reduces fuel consumption by up to 12% compared to the previous generation. An unrivalled performance, giving you a
significantly lower running cost.

Other Features  
  • Integrated aftercooler (10°C + A)
  • Spark arrestor
  • Spillage free frame
  • Overspeed shut down system
  • Weatherproof canopy
  • Spark arrestor
  • Spark arrestor