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How to pick the perfect industrial air compressor for your business

Picking the right industrial air compressor may seem like a daunting task. This guide will make the selection process easier.

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How to pick the perfect industrial air compressor for your business?

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G 15L Oil-injected screw compressor
If you are tasked with selecting the industrial air compressor that is right for your small and medium-sized business, there is some good news and some bad news: The good news is that Atlas Copco has a full range of rotary screw compressors. The bad news is that you (likely) only get to pick one. Here are the options: The belt-driven G 15-22, which combines Atlas Copco trademark quality and reliability with a user-friendly, simplified BASE controller, has the lowest initial investment cost. This robust industrial air compressor is easy to maintain and install. The gear-driven GA 15-26 has been upgraded with Atlas Copco’s new compression element and innovative swipe controller for increased efficiency and ease of use. It features a low initial investment cost and provides quality, dry air thanks to an integrated dryer. Then there is the ground-breaking GA 11+-30. With its state-of-the-art element, maintenance-free gearbox and IE4 motor, it delivers unmatched efficiency and performance – as well as high quality dry air. It features best-in-class power consumption and noise emission. The GA 15-37 VSD+ rounds out the series. It is the ultimate energy saver, compared to traditional fixed speed compressors. As a result, it delivers excellent-quality, dry air at the lowest energy cost. Its vertical design minimizes the required floor space while improving serviceability.

Know your needs

So which one is right for you? Well, that really depends on your compressed air needs and how you think you will use your new industrial air compressor. To start, you will have to know the flow and pressure that is required, i.e. which job(s) will the compressor have to perform, how frequently does that job have to be done or how many different jobs do you have to perform at the same time? In addition, are you going to use your industrial air compressor intermittently or all day long? Will your demand be steady or fluctuate? In the latter case, variable speed drive technology can offer you significant savings on energy costs.

Your (ambient) conditions matter

Does the physical size matter or will the compressor have to fit in a closed space? Does it have to operate quietly? Will you need an air receiver? What will the ambient conditions be, i.e. will your compressor have to operate in a place that is particularly hot/cold or humid or located far above sea level?

Watch this video to know about compressor size

Quality air and efficiency

Do you need quality air, i.e. do you require dry and clean air? If your compressed air comes in contact with your products, this should be an important consideration. What about your filtration, ducting and ventilation needs? Note that there is a full feature version of most Atlas Copco models that comes with a built-in dryer. Should your industrial air compressor have a belt drive or the more efficient direct drive? Do you need to keep redundancy and a guaranteed supply of compressed air in mind?

Know the law

Are there national or local regulations that have to observed? Or are there certain industry standards that you have to comply with?

Control and costs

Elektronikon Touch controller
And what about the controller? In some cases, a simple controller is sufficient if you just need to turn your compressed air system on and off. However, if connectivity of the controller is important to you, then you may want to consider the Elektronikon® Touch controller, which is designed for the Internet of Things and advanced monitoring. Finally, how much do you want to spend overall, i.e. the total cost of ownership from the initial investment to anticipated energy consumption and maintenance costs?

Get help if you need it

There is a good chance that all of these questions (and it’s not even a complete list) do not make the challenge of picking the right industrial air compressor seem any less daunting. But there is more good news: Not only is the right Atlas Copco compressor to meet your needs out there, but we will even help you find it. If you are unsure of the answers to the questions above, Atlas Copco representatives stand ready to assist you. Using our AIRselect tool, they will work with you to determine your compressed air needs, compare the different options and explain the benefits of each compressor. So whenever you are ready, you can find them here.

Ask an air system professional about the best option for your needs.

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