360° view of the ZenergiZe

Discover all the features of the ZBP 45, energy storage system from every angle.

ZBP 45, energy storage system

Designed with sustainability in mind, it helps operators dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while delivering optimal performance with zero noise and virtually no maintenance. Leveraging the benefits of high-density lithium-ion batteries, the ZenergiZe units are compact and light compared to traditional alternatives, yet capable of providing over 12 hours of power with a single charge. They are ideally suited for noisesensitive environments, such as event or metropolitan construction sites, telecoms, or rental applications, or to resolve low load problems.

1. Lithium-ion technology

Leveraging the benefits of high-density lithium-ion batteries, the ZenergiZe units are compact and light compared to traditional alternatives, yet capable of providing over 12 hours of power with a single charge.

2. One solution, two options

The island mode enables the ZenergiZe energy storage system to be used as a standalone power solution with zero emissions and zero noise. The controller will automatically turn on and off the machine with the load demand. In hybrid modular mode with a generator, the Smart load manager controller, will start on and off the machines, providing a more sustainable power solution and a big fuel reduction.

3. Plug and play connections

Support a wide range of applications with different socket combinations for any genset and load. Can store solar energy up to 3kW thanks to its easy connection.

4. A modular and portable solution

Galvanized skid canopy avoid corrosion and rust. The integrated lifting structure with single elevation point and it compact size and light weight offer easy transport.

5. Easy to move around

More convenient transportability with different elevation systems as a lifting eye, forklifts slots and sling guides to protect the machine while transport.

6. Maximize the uptime

Wide door allows an easy and safe access to all components. The machine has no filter and Zero leakages, which makes virtually no maintenance. Considering normal conditions the battery life can be extended to 40.000 hours.

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