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Aerospace industry

Revolutionize the aircraft production with smart tools and solutions. Enhance productivity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the Industry.

Aerospace industry

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Our vision about the aerospace industry

The aviation industry is expected to double the number of aircraft in the sky over the next 15-20 years, and 75% of existing aircraft will need to be replaced to prioritize decarbonization. While the industry has achieved significant efficiency gains, only 20% of the current in-service fleet consists of the latest fuel-efficient aircraft, highlighting the need for further sustainability gains.


To reduce CO2 emissions by 50% over the next 30 years, manufacturers will need to improve production methods and comply with new regulations for pollution and energy consumption.


To meet the growing demand for aircrafts and urban flying vehicles, the industry needs to increase global production rates without compromising quality, productivity, or cost control.



What we do

Find the best solution for your specific needs and manufacturing conditions.

A wide range of products for the aerospace industry - assembly, material removal, and quality assurance solutions.

Our focus segments within the aviation industry

civil aircraft in the sky

Commercial aircraft

A dynamic and high-tech industry that represents the culmination of human ingenuity in science, engineering, and business, driven by a constant pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency through innovation in productivity, energy efficiency, safety, and ergonomics.

military plane landing on airforce runways against beautiful dusky sky


A critical industry that focuses on maintaining stability, security, and balance in challenging environments, such as turbulent skies, rough seas, and harsh weather, with an unwavering commitment to safety and reliability.


A versatile and vital industry that combines stability, security, and innovation, enabling efficient transportation, rescue operations, and military missions in even the most challenging and demanding environments, providing a unique and unparalleled perspective from the sky.

satellite in orbit in the space


A cutting-edge industry that continuously pushes boundaries, leading the way with lightweight and stable solutions, powered by advanced technology and an innovative mindset, expanding our reach beyond the sky, and ensuring that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Aerospace industry

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How to select the correct rivet size

31 August, 2020

Riveting is still one of the main method used by the aircraft assembly industry and also by other lightweight construction industries where the high strength sheet metal is not weldable.