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Self-pierce riveting and joint development in vehicle design

Considerations for vehicle body design

It's important to consider joining and assembly in the vehicle design phase of any platform

Automotive industry challenges with vehicle application materials

Automotive applications are getting more complex with new materials and more materials that are tough to join. Combining steel, castings, and aluminum allows for resourceful and intelligent vehicle design, regardless of how the diverse physical properties of the materials can complicate assembly. In most cases, we have the right rivet for you. Our extensive range of self-piercing rivets and tooling, developed with over 30 years of experience, enables us to provide advanced solutions for your application needs. Our product portfolio of tried-and-tested rivets is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. 

In the design phase of your vehicle, our applications labs work with your materials to determine the best rivet, die and rivet setter needed for your application. If we do not have the right combination, we will develop a complete solution specifically for you.


Continuous innovation for improving production flexibility and process efficiency

Cost reduction

Product offerings that reduce manufacturing investment and assembly costs


Focused joint development for each customer application

Joint development evaluation

Our range of self-piercing rivets is the solution to today’s joining challenges. In an effort to address the need for both increased structural safety at the same time as lighter overall bodyweight, automotive manufacturers are incorporating mixed materials of varying strengths and ductility into their car bodies. By combining advanced engineering, simulations, and testing, we have developed a rivet line capable of joining these mixed materials in a secure and dependable way.

There is a Henrob rivet for every application that will meet your assembly challenges.

Vehicle body frame components

Considerations for vehicle body design

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