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Vehicle body shop production

Solutions for vehicle body shop production


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Solving the challenges posed by using mixed-material content in vehicle lightweighting

The world is shifting away from fossil fuels and carbon emissions and towards smart grids and electric vehicles. These changes create a need for automotive manufacturers to look for suppliers with innovative lightweighting solutions that can handle joining mixed-material car body designs.

Now more than ever, vehicle manufacturers are using lightweight materials in their vehicle bodies. Some of these materials include aluminum, high-strength, ultra-high-strength steel, composites, and carbon fiber.

Joining various car body components can be complicated when processes such as welding are not a perfect solution and are not capable of ensuring that safety-critical joints have the integrity to withstand crash tests.

2500self-piercing rivets

160meters of adhesive

200flow drill screws

Proven solutions with advanced adhesive dispensing, self-pierce riveting and flow drill fastening technologies

As a result of using an increased level of aluminum content in vehicles, OEMs have turned to us for solutions to join vehicle body components that hold integrity and can withstand the rigorous safety standards mandated by governments worldwide.

We provide robust, stable, proven solutions with our industrial dispensing, self-pierce riveting, and flow drill fastening technologies. Our technologies are applied both independently and together in several car body joining applications and processes. No matter what the joining challenge is, we always look at the big picture of our customers’ processes. We work at your side to develop tailor-made solutions that meet the highest standards in productivity, quality, and sustainability. We want to be an extension of your Innovation Team.


Self-pierce riveting: strong, reliable joints

Self-pierce riveting creates safety-critical, robust joins with the flexibility of adhesive compatibility and multiple material combination capabilities

Industrial dispensing for high-quality production

Applying adhesive during body-in-white joining processes increases crash performance, vehicle stiffness, and resistance against corrosion.

Flow drill fastening: perfect for one-sided access

Join multiple stacks of a variety of materials with a smart, highly specialized, fastening system that monitors insertion based on the types of materials used in your application

Body-in-white narrow flange application

Self-pierce riveting solutions

Excellent for joining mixed materials such as aluminum and high strength steel in body-in-white applications

SCA Industrial dispensing solutions for vehicle production in the body shop

Industrial dispensing solutions

Ideal solutions for bonding, sound dampening and gap filling in vehicle body production

K-Flow flow drill fastening for vehicle production body shop solutions

Flow drill fastening solutions

Perfect for fastening vehicle body components that are limited to one-sided access

Generate value from relevant data during quality inspections

Drive your process to the next level with our Quality Assurance (QA) Smart Connected Solutions for Industry 4.0. Plan. Program and perform your quality inspections wherever you are. Access data in real-time and check results from any device with a web browser.

Flexible product offering to fit your needs

Learn more about our full spectrum of joining solutions including adhesive bonding, sealing, and dampening technology from our SCA product line, Henrob self-piercing rivets and riveting systems, and flow drill fastening from our K-Flow product line


Henrob T-Rivets with Body-In-White

Creating a strong, reliable joint with self-pierce riveting

13 November, 2019

Error-proofing techniques to achieve the perfect SPR joint quality, every time. You need to know that your self-pierced rivets are correctly inserted. You can visually inspect the rivet head which should indicate that you have a sound joint, although this is only part of the story.

Gap filler tightening of modules

Gap filler: Powerful compound for higher performance

9 December, 2019

Temperature management plays a key role for the high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles. Battery cells can only deliver maximum performance within a certain temperature range and must not overheat. In order to effectively transfer the heat caused by cell operation to the surroundings, a thermal compound is applied to the battery tray – this is a critical step in the joining process.

See more about our combined offering for joining solutions
See more about our combined offering for joining solutions

Solutions for vehicle body shop production

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