Torque Wrenches

Smart, versatile and ergonomic.

Atlas Copco electronic wrenches guarantee smart, reliable and flexible operations. Our wrenches can be matched to your applications with complete traceability of the entire fastening process. Swappable SmartHEAD attachments (transducers) enable a detailed assessment of your tightening processes. Read more


The STRwrench is the ultimate level of electronic wrenches. Quality, reliability, flexibility and connectivity consolidates Atlas Copco’s factory digitalization. A further leap forward in production processes and quality assurance.


The STwrench is the smart, electronic torque wrench that can be customized according to your requirements. Ergonomic and versatile is the multipurpose wrench for both Manual Tightening and Quality Control.


The manual torque wrench MRTT-C, combined with the standard SmartHEAD, becomes an entirely new tool. This can be connected to the STa 6000 using Atlas Copco's standard transducer cables.

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Torque Wrenches

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