Hold and Drive

Sockets, holders and bits for HAD and Modular HAD

With Saltus Sockets, Holders and Bits for HAD we offer a wide selection to fit your needs. With the Saltus Modular HAD solution we introduce flexibility to any HAD assembly. Read more

For additional information on our Hold and Drive product range and best practice usage, see our HAD pocket guide. Click here

A wide range of high-quality HAD sockets

The Saltus HAD sockets are part of the Hold and Drive system. Saltus HAD sockets are available in different sizes and models to meet different fastener specifications. This range is available for standard lengths (33/53/73 mm) and dimensions.

The Saltus Modular HAD sockets

The Saltus Modular HAD sockets are a flexible part of the HAD system for faster rebalancing of the tool. With this range you no longer depend on the standard lengths and dimensions. And you don’t have to wait for customized parts. Our Modular solution lets you combine the interchangeable parts to fit your needs and purposes.

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