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Oil gas processing plant with pipe line valves

Oil and Gas Industry

Bolting solutions including hydraulic wrenches, tensioners and continuous rotation for all bolting operations during shutdown, maintenance, turnaround and construction.


Our revolutionary range of air assisted bolt tensioners airbac can reduce process time upto 25%, which results in significant cost savings during shutdowns or maintenance.


Our unique range of pistol grip continuous rotation tools, SRB HA and Revo HA have integrated safety twin triggers to eliminate finger pinch points, the most common injury in the industry.


Our intelligent hydraulic torque wrench system, RTA, allows you to control the process independent of operator. Therefore reducing errors, and providing full data capture that eliminates the need for manual documentation.

Case Study

A company within the oil and gas sector were having issues with bolt tightening method. Their current method was utilizing various tools for the management of the pipeline. The main method using a manual wrench and pump was affecting the workers causing them to become fatigued and the overall implementation was too slow for maintenance and repair.

hydraulic wrench application flange oil and gas

Atlas Copco supplied the company with 44 Low Profile Hydraulic Wrenches, the RTX along with a P150 three stage pump which has a much higher efficiency than a single stage pump. The high reliability of the hydraulic torque wrench helped the customer with their daily work, giving them confidence for emergency repairs.

The company also undertook bolting training improving their competency operating the tool. With the new Atlas Copco process in place the company will be able to save considerable time and money on their future shutdowns.

Oil and Gas Industry

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