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Warranty information for tools, software and spare parts

Tool and joining equipment warranty

Atlas Copco grants a period of warranty for each new tool and equipment after delivery. This covers bad design or production. Abuse and normal wear and tear are excluded.

After charged repairs customers will have another 3-month warranty if part changes recommended in the quote are followed.

Warranty repairs should only be performed by Atlas Copco or Certified Service Partners. 

The prerequisite of all the above is that the recommended maintenance intervals for the tools are followed. Abuse and other-than-recommended handling of the tools are always excluded. 

If you wish to extend the warranty period, you can select our service contracts, such as ToolCover Stability, to maximize the value. Customers with service contracts should contact our Atlas Copco representatives for an exclusive policy.

Software warranty

Atlas Copco grants a period of warranty after written acceptance that the delivered software works according to the documented specification. 

Atlas Copco will provide corrections for reported malfunctions (related to specification documents) with the delivery of the next available software update. The correction of the malfunction can also be a workaround solution.

Take a look at TechCover, our software maintenance contract. This keeps your software continuously updated to the latest version and performing at its best. 

Spares warranty

Atlas Copco provides a warranty of 12 months on bad design or production. Please note that misuse, improper fitting, and normal wear and tear are excluded.  

Using spare parts other than Atlas Copco’s genuine spare parts will lead to cancellation of any warranty claims.