Express Mechanics

The smart approach to fixtured multiples

Multiples by Express® is a modular system designed for Atlas Copco spindle integration. Designed to be as compact and light as possible without compromising on durability, it adds multiple values to your production process. Our multiple has superior flexibility, ergonomics, as well as full support for lean production. Thanks to Global Project team, it enables you to upgrade, adapt and reconfigure your multiple according to your needs and deliver exactly the same solution everywhere in the world.


  • Full flexibility – simple to upgrade and adapt
  • Plug-and-play error-proofing modules
  • Global standardization
  • Ergonomic and light
  • Error proofing and Zero fault production
  • Part of Smart Connected Assembly


  • Vertical, Horizontal and rotatable fixtures
  • Standard spindles, straight, off-set, HAD and much more
  • Short lead-time
  • Plug & Play operator guidance products
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